21 September 2010

Ask The Interwebz

Super-lame-o question:  "Calling Cards" as in a cute card printed up with my name, phone and e-mail for when I meet other people/parents/boat wives and we want to keep in touch...is this a great idea that works way better than losing bits of paper or so annoyingly sanctimommy you could die?

I get that having them for the blog might be smart, but then again, I am not promoting the blogs in that manner so scrap that. 

This great post at The Professional Family Manager makes me think they are a good idea, but I am not sure if I would do addresses anyway...we move a lot.

So the point here is that I feel the allure of making them because I am crafty like that, but am I crazy here?  Need a reality check guys.  Is this a good idea or bad idea?  If it is a good idea, what info would be useful, but not too TMI-ish?

On the upside, this is my biggest problem right now, so that is pretty cool!


Alicen @ The Space Between My Ears said...

I know many companies selling "Mommy cards" which is the same thing. Has all important bits and many moms love them for babysitters, friends, family, etc. Those don't include address' anyway and if you have email there's an easy way to get an address. I think your right on target and it's an easy way to get out your info.