17 September 2010

Free Your Mind Friday

  • We all have head-colds.  That is pretty much all I need to say on that one.
  •  I built a compotser, it is pretty sweet.  It was really easy and I will post all about it soon.
  • Also have big gardening plans, will blog about that too since I know how much you all adore the minutia of my life.
  • I am wondering how to talk about the gardening.  I want to keep a running journal, this blog seems like an easy way to do that...but how?  An additional blog (bringing the total to four un-updated web-spaces..ugh), a special page here, or just at random because hey, I can blog about whatever.  Much decision making there.
  • I have kind of gotten into meal planning, in the loosest possible sense of the word.  You know what?  it actually is pretty helpful.
  • I love Stop and Shop, they have changed my life.  I actually have a whole post on this because I am that cool.  (And by "cool" I mean "odd and neurotic.")
  • Amazon Prime: worth every penny.  Long story short other than groceries and eight more weeks of generic formula I never need drag the kids on boring errands ever again.  Brilliant!
  • Some crazy crap going down in my Navy life.  I want to talk about it because it honestly has me reeling, but I actually don't have details and it is kind of squicky area in terms of  "our" professional life...so yeah, maybe more on that later.
  • I am actually getting back into blogging again having been in a such a poor state about it of late.  It is like I finally looked around and said "that is it, this house is a done as it ever needs to get, the rest will happen when it happens, lets just start living our lives here FFS."  It feels good.
Hooray!  FYMF is back baby!

I need to do a shout out to Heidi at The Maxwell's Madness who played while I was away so you can read all about her last FYMF right here.

This week's players:
Alicen at her new blog: The Space Between My Ears

Want to play?  Just post your lovely randomness and grab this button.  Let me know you are participating either in comments or via e-mail and I will link you up!

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Alicen @ The Space Between My Ears said...

Mine's up too this week!

I am curious to know about all these grand gardening plans and the composter. When we would move I would love to try composting! You say it's easy so maybe there is some hope.

Also I loved Stop & Shop when we last lived there. So darn convenient and the prices were quite good. I also did there grocery delivery a couple times and it was excellent!

I do find the weeks where I plan meals I am in love, my problem is that I lack consistency. It does make everything much easier, grocery shopping and actually cooking.