13 September 2010

I Could Never Stand The Parents…

These were the famous words of my SIL Erika when she heard we were headed to Yo Gabba Gabba live. She basically said that she could not imagine what kind of crowd would be generated when a huge group of self-entitled millennial parents and their excessively gifted/special/unique precious miracles all gathered in one location. Does Dante even need a new level of hell?

Turns out she was pretty much spot on. While the show was amazing, and Cha Cha had a great time, she still talks about Muno as if she was his college roommate or something; the other parents were just too high strung for me. Specifically I would like to bitch about the woman in front of me and complain about how all she did the whole show was…yup, you guessed it….bitch.

They rolled in late and she was aghast that the show had started. Can you even believe it? The show started at the posted time! OMG! Then the balloons in our section did not fall during the balloon song. She was practically apoplectic during intermission yapping like a frantic Yorkie that "it wasn't fair," and that "some should really do something," for the children, of course. Thankfully a million other parents were on the job and they soon came around with balloons which the kids promptly abandoned because really what they wanted was the cotton candy anyway. There were a few perilous seconds where Biz might not have been there in person and right about the time that I though blood might spurt out of this woman's ears, it turns out he was there and it was all just some clever misdirection intended to amuse three-year-olds. Yup, this gal was freaking out over a ploy designed to entertain toddlers. When the whole thing drew to a close she herded her heathens out while pissing and moaning about how short the show was. Really? Come on now, it is a show for preschoolers and toddlers, what were you expecting? The Merchant of Venice?

Muno! Muno! MUUUNNNNOOO! We LOVE you!
The reason I am ragging on this woman is because she highlights just how annoying we all, myself included, become when we take this whole "life" thing just a bit too seriously. While no one enjoys being a critical know-it-all more than I, don't we all need to back off every now and then? What could possibly be happening at Yo Gabba Gabba Live that was so awful you would take a pass on just enjoying the show with your kid?  Maybe I am reading way too much into the experience, but it made me feel like I needed to just chill out and re-frame myself before I became her.

As for us we had a wonderful time. They did "Party in My Tummy" and I almost wet my pants with excitement. Muno was mere feet away and Cha Cha was so excited. We sang, we danced, we had a blast and we can't wait to go again when Lil'Bitz is big enough to come along and enjoy it. I guess sometimes it takes seeing the "ugly" sides of hyper-involved parenting to make you realize how much fun it all is when you just let yourself enjoy it.


ABDPBT said...

Ahh, I love that show. Sounds like it's still great.

Heidi Maxwell said...

I wish they would make a stop in MT. I'd go in a NY minute!!