19 October 2010


I generally try not to yammer on about products and services too much here, but I did feel like this one may be worth mentioning.

We signed up for AmazonPrime when we moved and it has been great. Now that I have to load up two kids, and all their crap, into the car every single time we need to run errands, this has been a life saver.  Long story short pretty much anything I would need to add to the errands list outside of groceries (diapers, batteries, the special Zebra pens Chris must have for work, etc.) can now be ordered for most often the same price (or cheaper) and delivered to my door at no additional cost in two business days.  This is a huge time saver and also pretty economical long-term since I not only save the gas, but I also save myself the "add-ons" that happen when I go to a place like Target.  Given that a couple days is the usual turn around on non-urgent errands anyway, this is wonderful.

I had been reading all over about people switching to AmazonMom as a great alternative to AmazonPrime.  I finally got off my butt and checked it out.  It actually is pretty cool.  It is free to sign up and you immediately get three free months of AmazonPrime, and an additional 15% off anything you buy with Subscribe and Save meaning that you get a total of 30% off anything you buy that way.  (For example get a case of diapers delivered every month with no shipping charges and 30% off the listed price.)  The real value though is that for every $25 you spend in a single order from the baby store, you get a free month added on to your AmazonPrime membership. You can earn a total of one free year of AmazonPrime and, the even better news, is that when it expires you are not automatically enrolled in AmazonPrime so really the cost to you is only what you spend on the merchandise itself. 

In my case I switched from AmazonPrime to AmazonMom, got a prorated refund for my unsused Prime membership (which in turn paid for the new hard drive I wound up needing...talk about serendipity), and I now have a three months of Prime benefits.  I ordered a huge case of diapers that came to my house the next day with no shipping fee and that sale earned me a fourth free month of Prime benefits.  Add in that I bought said diapers with gift cards we got from our credit card points (a carefully constructed system to earn all the free gift cards without ever paying any interest) and suddenly I am saving cash all over the place!

Depending on your Amazon usage, this may not be a big deal for you, but I felt it was worth mentioning since signing up now gets you free Prime benefits (good on any Prime eligible items, not just Baby stuff) through the holiday season and that is always handy for drop shipping gifts at no additional charge.

Obviously go check it and do the math for yourself, but at a basic level, for free I don't think you can go wrong.  I would pay the premium for the Prime membership in a heartbeat, and will again when the whole AmazonMom thing runs it course, but if you want to try it out with no real risk, this would be the way to do it.

Okay, that is all, but I did feel you all might find it useful.  I love it for diapers, but obviously it is good for cloth diapers, gear, toys, books, gifts, sippy cups, bottles, bedding...pretty much anything you need for kids and well, it sure as hell beats a trip to Babies-R-Overpriced!


Alicen @ The Space Between My Ears said...

I actually have been meaning to mention this myself as I saw it on a couple bargain blogs. I was waiting a few weeks until I would be sure that it would get me through the holidays but thanks for the reminder that now it would!

PS - If you get Parents magazine still (like I have been for 3+ years and managing to never actually pay for it) they have been having coupon codes for 20% off diaper purchases so it'd be an additional 20% off the other 30.

PPS - So funny Lil Bitz is in size 4 diapers! I know shes a monster but I forget until I see something like this. I think Emma may potty train from size 3's!