08 October 2010

Free Your Mind Friday

  • Busy week with Grandparents (both sets, the big changeover is today), dentist, dance class, story hours, prep for preschool screening (more on the cool program we are lookinginto doing later), fabric shopping and so much more.  I am exhausted.
  • Had a Spiced Cider Martini last night....highly recommend.
  • Coming up on time to vote here in good old CT....it is like a freaking three-ring circus around here!
  • LilBitz is thisclose to walking, I am not sure just how I feel about that...
  • Foot is doing better though I also need to schedule a yearly exam, get my acne addressed, fix what may be the start of an ear infection and get flu shots, yet somehow my medical care is not really a priotity.  I ownder when that will bit me in the ass...soon I am sure.
That is all for this week, too busy to blog and it sucks.  See you all next week when the crew leaves and we can chat a bit.

This week's Players:

Want to play?  Just post your lovely randomness and grab this button.  Let me know you are participating either in comments or via e-mail and I will link you up!

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Alicen @ The Space Between My Ears said...

YUM, spiced cider martini sounds like something I can handle! I love spiced cider and combined with alcohol...even better.

Glad the foots feeling better, I finally broke down also and made the couple appointments for myself that I needed. Now if only I could ever go there alone, that may be worth it!

I have a list this week too. Enjoy your weekend and hope to catch up soon.

Alicen @ The Space Between My Ears said...

One more thing. Does that $1.99 fabric store still exist (please say yes!)? That is one thing I am greatly looking forward to when we move!

Alexis said...

Alicen- I will get you linked up and yes, the store does exists. They don't have too great a stock of quilting/cotton fabric since they are having a hard time buying at the prices they require, but it still has amazing apparel/decorator/fleece/felt etc fabrics. New shop girl is JO wife so we may need to be her BFF so as to get the inside scoop on fabric deliveries!

Alicen @ The Space Between My Ears said...

That would be fab! We should plan a visit and then an outing can be the fabric store, lol.

Really though, glad it still exists!! I should have listened to my Mom before we left and stocked up, I was a bit shell shocked at fabric prices at normal stores.