15 October 2010

Free Your Mind Friday

  •  OMG this week was a killer.
  • Cha Cha went for her pre-school evaluation this week.  We went in part to just check her progress and also because she may be eligible to do a really interesting program in the area.  More on all this later, but it has me in some crazy head-space about the whole thing.  Now that I am finally faced with making actual decisions about the future of my kids' educations, I am in way over my head!
  • Really should go and get our flu shots tomorrow.  Sure I think they are total crap, but still, if I am going to be so bitchy about the non-vax freaks, I better get them shots done ASAP.  Hopefully it will be mist for me and Cha Cha though Lil'Bitz will have to do the old poker-roo and enjoy the accompanying 105F fever.  So very excited for this....truly.
  •  Lil'Bitz became a person this week.  It is crazy but suddenly she is signing, and talking a bit and really showing that she "gets" things.  She knows that cars go "broooooom" when they roll across the carpet, that the dishtowels go under the sink, how to say "bubbles" and that she can call her "HaDaDa" on the cell phone.  I could just die with the cuteness.
  • I am dying for a pedicure, but of course, I have major snaggle-toe. Boo to that.
  • Recently discovered that many SOAC wives are super-conservative...as in might be tempted to agree with FoxNews conservative.  Not sure what to do with that information.  On the one hand, who cares and it would be hypocritical to not want to hang with someone just because they believe different things, but on the other hand... FoxNews and Elizabeth Hasselback (or whatever the hell her name is).  Yup.
Oh my another thrilling week draws to a close.  Thankfully I am feeling the blogging buzz so maybe I will be here a bit more...

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