22 October 2010

Free Your Mind Fridays

  •  So this is happening.  Boats have been chosen, women are being sent to training and then on to submarines.  As mentioned before, many spouses have their asses in a quite a twist about it, but hey I guess that is feminism for ya.  Go women, unless you be coming near MY man, cuz I will wreck you bitch.
  • There has been some DADT action too!  Apparently there was some legal wrangling that meant it had been effectively repealed for 8 days, recruiters were told to accept openly gay applicants and some were even accepted, but now there is some other legal fandango that means it is back,but not really, but oh noes, what do we do with these gay people we accepted? I don't think it was an accident and I think I may be in love with Defense Secretary Robert Gates.  The world is changing baby so get on board or get on out.
  • Cha Cha was "accepted" into the interesting pre-school program.  It is actually a lot more/less complicated than it seems, but I am still trying to wrap my head around our version of "what education means to me" so that topic will be tabled yet again.
  • Time-out protocol continues, I think we may have had a break-through, but that is a whole other mama drama we are working out.  God, this parenting stuff is just grueling.
  • Can I get a hallelujah? We followed up with the whole moving thing and a check is in the mail. Now, no formal offer was made and the whole thing seems like a hinky way to drag the whole thing out by say offering a tiny check and hoping we will bite and go away, but hey, at least it is progress.  The whole process has been fascinating and will be discussed at length later I am sure.
Whew, big week this time around...how about you guys, what is rumbling around in your brain this fine Friday?

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