29 October 2010

Free Your Mind Fridays

  • So excited for Halloween, I made the cutest costumes for the girls.
  • Our new treadmill will be here Monday.  When it arrives I am starting to run for real.  I am going to do the C25K thing that so many people seem to love.  I plan to blog as I go along, not because any of you need to pretend to care, but because it will keep me honest. In theory I can  be running a 5K by the new year meaning that I may just reach my goal I set the past new year of running a 5K race.  I wont get the race in, but I may be running well-enough to call it a win! More on that whole self-improvement kick later. 
  • Apparently venting to the universe did the trick because there is actually a real live person assigned to handle our claim.  Amazing!
  • On that note, here at day 5 of the police state, Cha Cha is actually showing some signs of turning it around.  I'd say we have been able to nip about 50% of her hissy fits in the bud.  Not too bad really.
  • I have made dinner 5 nights in a row, this may not sound like a big deal, but it kind of is.  I have been "meal planning" in that I make sure I have 6-7 meals planned and all the needed stuff so I can never use the "oh, but we need..." as an excuse.  It has been kind of nice.  I may crack and do some take-out this weekend, but that is OK.
  • My jeans are feeling looser.  Oh yeah!

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