25 October 2010

North and South

Since moving up here I have noticed a few "delightful" changes in our day to day lives:
  1. Speed Limits- Here, going 10mph over the posted limit is considered the bare minimum for cruising speed. No one bats an eye at going 80mph in a 55mph zone, apparently everyone in CT has somewhere really important to be.  This is a refreshing change from VA where speed limits had little to do with people's choice in velocity.  You might be going 95mph in a school zone or 30mph in the left lane on the highway...whatever, we don't judge. 
  2. Road Signs- CT drivers don't worry too much about these.  Surely they don't mean you should turn right on red or that your lane is ending.  If all else fails, just use the shoulder, the important thing is that you not let any peaky traffic rules slow you down.   This is moderately preferable to VA where everyone had to being the lane they needed NOW!  At least now every on ramp doesn't dissolve into the Indy500 as all the merging cars swerve through four lanes of traffic immediately upon hitting the road
  3. Customer service- One of two things happens:
    • You get great help, quickly and with no added chit-chat or diversions.
    • You get no help at all, and that is pretty much what you expected TYVM.
    • Either way, you don't have to talk to everyone and feign interest in their narcissistic "hospitality"
  4. Weather- This one is a major plus.  There are actually seasons here instead of it being balls hot until Christmas when the temperature "plummets" to 30F for about three months then soars back to the 90s by March.  Sure I will be up to my ass in snow, but I can always put on a coat, you can't solve my perpetual puddle-pits in triple digit weather.
  5. Clothes- Here people are a bit more in the LLBean set.  Dowdy is a good word for us, but thankfully you see a lot more jeans and The North Face fleeces and a lot less Juicy Couture velor tracksuits worn with Louis Vuiton bags and aviator glasses.  People down south were generally more "dressed," but seemingly often at the expense of common sense. Ideally, you don't wear stilettos to the zoo, I mean really now.  Needless to say I am way more at home in running shoes and hoodies.


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