02 November 2010

And so it begins...

This is the replacement for the broken bike.  I realize that we do not technically have the money from the movers yet, but we soon realized that if we put our fitness goals on their schedule, at least one of us will have had a heart attack by the time we get paid for the damages.  Such is life.  On the upside, super-hella-major sale at Dick's so now we have a sweet new treadmill. I toyed with a new bike vs. elliptical, but Chris likes to run so this way we can both use it and thus, justify the cost.
**Here I must give a shout-out to the Dick's delivery guys.  They called, they set up a time, the technician called out sick so they found a replacement, called to okay that replacement and arrange a new time on the same day, then arrived in that time frame and had the whole thing up and running in under 20 minutes.  Serioulsy, given my current run with customer service, this was manna from heaven. **

Anyway, I set the goal to run a 5K this year, I probably wont make it, but I can get back on the stick and get running again.  I am starting the Couch to 5K program that everyone seems to love tonight.  I made it through two weeks shortly after Lil'Bitz was born, then quickly switched to other things as I had to pick and choose my activities due to weather, availability, gym schedules, childcare etc.  This time, no excuses.  I can do it right here, hells bells, I can even watch my hours of mindless TV while I am doing it.  (Yes, I could just go out and run, but it is way to hilly here for someone of my fitness level to maneuver 100lbs of jogger and kids around while driving to a better running site becomes a huge fricking hoopla with two kids in tow, so yeah, just be glad I am doing this at all.)

I am going to blog my way through it as a mechanism to keep me honest.  I will put it out there right now that I may take way more than 8 weeks to do the program.  I refuse to have it suck so badly that I quit so if it takes 2-3 weeks at each stage, then so be it. 

I am also making some changes to my eating habits.  While I don't do diets and I am not really bothered by the number on the scale, I do appreciate that doing all this work to get fit is kind of moot if I am still considering Cheetos to be a food group.  I am actually attempting to eat more since I realize that coffee for breakfast, diet coke for lunch and then dinner as my only real meal might not be the best way to go.  Kicked off by doing the whole Special K plan, not because gimmick diets work, but because it set a new routine where I eat breakfast and lunch thus allowing me to eat a somewhat sensible dinner.  It has been easy, now I am phasing in real food for those meals, and my jeans fit better so hey, if that happens as a side effect I am all for it.

Wish me luck and I will keep you all posted about the progress.


Alicen said...


And if your anything like me, once you start running you won't have to try harder to eat more. You will become a friggin black hole!

I am right there with you on eating more though, since I haven't been doing good with the exercise I find myself doing the same as you. Some milk for breakfast, usually no lunch and (not exactly by choice, I get so busy and then it's suddenly 3pm) then dinner. Maybe it's a mom thing because the kids and husband are always fed!

Oh and good for you for being open to adapting the program so you don't quit! That's a much better way to go but harder in a way since you lose the "excuse" to quit. And yeah, those neighborhoods down there are BRUTAL. No way I'd push a jogging stroller!