26 November 2010

Free Your Mind Friday: Black Friday Edition

  • Setting up the tree today and hoping against all hope that we have enough functioning lights that I don't have to go out on black Friday to get some.  The good new is that Chris is so hyper-fixated on going to see some engine room on a boat that he pretty much refuses to relinquish any considertaion to the tree, so yeah, that should work out well.
  • Had a great turkey day.  Granted we ate pork because no one really likes turkey, but it was still fun and we shared a nice meal with a friend.  It also made me realize that by the time Chris goes to the boat a seeming herd of my friends will have moved to the area.  Two friends from HS wound up here kind of randomly and more Navy couples are headed this way.  So yeah, I may never have to make new friends ever.  That would kind of be just fine by me.
  • The Christmas crafting is going well with my current projects going much faster than anticipated.  Now I just need to get off my butt and do the actual shopping bits...
  • After spending last week in a rested haze of superiority since the girls were sleeping like champs, Lil'Bitz has decided to wake up in 20 minute cycles, every night, starting around 4am.  Add in a few night terrors and I am on the verge of crazytoons. Netting about five hours a night. Completely  workable, but not a long term solution. I certainly hope that it continues until we take her to NY for the holidays so I can really endear myself to all our extended family.  The all night screaming and all day "whin-o-saurus" is just so......cute?  Yeah, we can go with cute.
Well, I am off to test lights and probably brave the crowds because Cha Cha wants the tree up NOW!   Happy Holidays Y'all!

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Alicen said...

I could certainly get on board with never having to make new friends again!! We may actually be headed to CT sooner than we expected.

Glad to hear you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Alexis said...

OOOOHHHHH! I would love it if you came here sooner! Maybe not so cool for you guys, but def. great for me!

Alicen said...


I'm 90% sure you'll get your wish then. In true Navy fashion the date Brian was suppose to go to school is full. Detailers pushing for May but the Academy's not too happy. We'll see who wins!

Alexis said...

Because the important thing to remember is that there is no way the Navy could have predicted that....oh wait....boggles the mind really.

Anyway, word verification is "messes" blogger is so on the ball here!