19 November 2010

Free Your Mind Friday

  • Lately kids are sleeping so well, it is amazing.  I would like to claim that it our new found allegiance to bed-time/nap-time consistency  a la Weissbluth, but really, it is probably just the time change finally settling in. 
  • Just got tickets to LEGO KidsFest and we are so excited.  Cha Cha will flip when she sees this one! 
  • New season of ARCHER in January.  If you like Venture Bros. then you need to check it out.  The entire first season is available streaming on NetFlix so get on it!
  • So..um...the holidays are here and I need to get off my butt and get going on gifties.  I have four made, but there is much sewing in my future if i want to finish all my plans in time.  Looks like Chris can take the kids out this Saturday....
  • I have never been so proud of Cha Cha as when we walked into Target the Monday after Halloween and she exclaims "what the hell is going on with these Christmas decorations?"  Yup, pretty much my sentiment exactly.
  • You need to check out the Regretsy shop on Etsy.  great stuff if you are a fan of the blog and all for charitable causes so that is  major bonus.
Pretty slow week here,just chugging away on the house, the yard, the running (nursing some shin splints...yum) and doing what we do best.

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Alicen said...

That girl is too funny! But yeah, pretty much sums up what we were thinking also. Our Target had Christmas decoration out BEFORE Halloween. I am all for bringing out the Christmas decorations at Thanksgiving but before Halloween? Come on!

Kinda jealous about the LegoFest. That would be awesome! She will go crazy.

BTW - I posted this week.

Alexis said...

You are all linked up!