12 November 2010

Free Your Mind Fridays

  •  Week 2 of the C25K thing is killing me, I think I need to spend some extra time on this week, especially since I may miss a day thanks to our travels.
  • Doing Lil'Bitz's 1st B-day this weekend in NY.  It has turned into the classic round of family fun including lots of passive aggressive torture and several adults in the running for special-est snowflake.  Situation normal really.
  • Can you even believe my baby is 1?
  • Traveling with kids is so not relaxing.  You are looking at a minimum of two days prep for laundry, packing and double checking all their needs like diapers, sippy cups, special lovies and so on.  Then you spend the whole time away wrestling them through and environment that inherently disrupts their little worlds only to return to unpacking, more laundry, disrupted schedules and so much re-organizing.  Granted you cant put a price on the fun you have while out and about, but still, I am exhausted already.
  • I am loving NaBloPoMo, not because I am doing it, but because many of my favorite blogs are so now I have so much good stuff to read.
  • Getting flu shots tomorrow (along with a million others for the baby).  Ugh, I just hope that they have the mist for Cha Cha since I am not sure I can deal with two kids having 105F fevers this weekend.  Yeah, doing it now when we have to travel is so stupid, but given the ridiculous logistics of receiving medical care, this is the only way I can see getting it all done in any reasonable time frame.
  • Finally made it to the knitting group meeting at our local library.  It was so much fun.  I am going to see if I can set up a standing date with a babysitter so I can keep going even when Chris goes to the boat.  Two hours a month for myself doesn't seem like too much to ask.  
  • Also considering contracting some cleaning done when he disappears for 3 years.  Nothing major, just once or twice a month getting someone to do the real buggery jobs like windows, doing the wood floors, baseboards etc. This probably makes me even more an elitist bitch than I already am, but I may be OK with that.

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