23 November 2010

Joining The Club

This is the one where I bitch about Facebook.  Long story short I know that blogs have FB pages and while this is by no means a business venture, it can't hurt to do a little '"easy" promotion right?  Well, it is not easy at all, it is actually pretty annoying and the whole functionality of FB fails to lend itself to what I want to do.

My goal was to create a page/persona for the blog.  I have a personal account, but didn't really want to get that  involved in my blogging life.  With the exceptions of a few people, very few of my real-life friends and family are actively involved in my blogging life.  I kind of like it that way.  I don't care if there is overlap, but I can see how my loved ones who want to see pictures of the kids don't want to read the blog and certainly most of blog readers don't care about the inane minutiae of my day to day life.   I had it in my head that making the fan page for this blog would create not only an additional landing space for readers, but an entity that could navigate FB as Alexis The Well-Read Mom instead of Alexis boring wife, mother, sister etc. 

Obviously that is not how it works, a fact that I did not fully understand until I had set the thing up.  So now there is a page for the blog and people can like it and get updates, I can list the blogs I read as favorites so as to keep the circle going, but I can't interact with other bloggy people this way.  So then I compounded the problem by making a blog person, Alexis Well-Read, to serve in that capacity, but again this plan is flawed.  While she can now friend blog people who I think deserve to be spared my daily personal blathering, it requires juggling two accounts, both administrating the fan page, and carefully organizing who is doing what and when.  The major issue is that for all this "work" the whole FB thing doesn't do what I want it to do. 

What I want is for my fan page to also act as a person so I can friend my blogs and bloggy people as a singular unit that speaks for my blogging life.  I don't want to share with my circle of bloggers the same information I want to share with my friends from high-school and extended family. I know the goal of fan pages is to collect people who purportedly read the blog and your FB posts so you can use those numbers as a measure of your "market share," but I don't want to mix my pictures of the girls with my C25K commentary.  I just don't.  I also don't want my personal page cluttered up with blog posts.  Sounds mean, but I use that page to keep in touch with people and I think that I am going to just remove all my "likes" from that page and move them to my blog persona.  I know that this whole thing raises the larger question of just where do you draw the line between creating a blogging image that is truthful while appropriately private, but I just can't philosophize about that one today. 

I guess the answer is to keep plugging away at the fan page with post updates and then just make a real effort to interact with other blogs as Alexis Well-Read and try and keep the ruse going.  While running two pages doesn't see like a big deal, it is a total PITA and I am not sure why.  It just seems like so much effort for what is basically a hobby. Add in that FB is not really that user-friendly (I mean I can do basic programming in 5 "languages" and I still have to wrestle this thing into submission by trial and error) and I just feel like abandoning the whole thing. 

This might just be how I have to do it.  Gross.  So anyway, come on over and "like" The Well-Read Mom and if you want to get more involved, "friend" Alexis Well-Read and we can see if we can make this viable. 


Ginger said...

I'm exactly the same way--I don't want my real FB to intersect w/my blog FB at all. So I'm trying the persona aspect.

But I just can't seem to care about making a fan page for the blog. Maybe I'm just too afraid of not having anyone like it, but it's just too much for me right now. We'll see how long it lasts...