25 November 2010

The One Where I Give Thanks For Many Things, Some Sillier Than Others

My wonderful family.  Not only my children and my wonderful husband but all my extended family and my dear friends who I consider family.  As we all get older it gets a lot harder to get everyone together, but even when we don't see each other I know we are in each other's thoughts and I am so grateful for that support network.

These girls:

The fact that we are all healthy, happy, financially stable and enjoying a certain sense of relaxation that all those things provide.  Big picture, we are just fine and should be damn grateful since so many are not in the same situation.

Cooking.  I like to do it and it fun to have a reason to do something bigger and better  than the usual fare.  I don't find holiday cooking stressful (probably because cooking is easy ...baking?  That is a whole other can of worms...) and I have fun cooking it and, more importantly, eating it.

The "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" episode where Enya explains how Thanksgiving is a ritual sacrifice.  "In celebration of past events you slaughter and eat and an animal.  Ritual sacrifice with pie."  

This wine:

And so much more that I could never hope to fit it all in one post!