10 November 2010

Rolling on the Ground...Kicking and Screaming

Fair warning dear readers, this is more moving settlement drama.  Feel free to not read this post if you are running out of patience with my endless whining on the matter.  I will totally understand...

Still there? Okay, her is where we are to date:
  • Movers damaged my dresser, my crib, the door to the nursery, the closet door in the nursery, my papasan chair, the exercise bike and the couch.
  • We only claimed the couch and the bike since frankly, our entire house is done with IKEA pieces because that is pretty much the price point I am willing to pay when it will get hauled all over the free-world every 2 years.
  • The company took forever and a day to get a claims adjuster/ repair agent out here because they spent  a month calling Chris' former work number.  Bear in mind the number is in the wrong state, connected to a voice mail box that no longer bears his name and was not listed as the primary contact number anywhere on the claims forms. 
  • Repair guy comes, notes the make, model number and serial number of the bike while checking out the sofa and stating that the arm could be fixed, the fabric could be cleaned, but the recline mechanism may be out of the scope of repair.
  • We finally get a check for 1/3 of the requested claim amount under the pretense that they bike can be replaced for X price at Y website and that Z money will cover repairs to the arm of the sofa.
  • Further research indicates that the bike quoted for the check is not a comparable model and the amount for sofa repair makes no mention of the recline mechanism or the cleaning.
  • Contact the repair guy to get further details and he can't be bothered to call me back.
  • Submit initial rebuttal stating that the wrong bike was used in the calculations and given the disparity between the offer and my discussion with the repair agent we are hesistant to accept an offer until a more detailed breakdown can be provided.
  • Yesterday Chris tries repair guy, kind of on a whim, and that is when "this shit just got real."  Repair guy says he told the claims department that the recline mechanism couldn't be fixed, that the repairs were outside his scope and that they should contact us to see if we would accept money in lieu of repairs. Obviously this did not happen and just happened to not get mentioned when the offer was made.
So for anyone keeping track at home, that's right, the company sent us an offer based on erroneous research and, in essence, falsified data.  Everybody now:  Oh Hell No!   Needless to say a new letter complete with this information has been sent to the woman overseeing the rebuttal of the claim and I am very interested to see what happens next.

I think this is just a perfect example of how companies sign up for lucrative military deals, then just hope to god that the clients are too stupid to use the system.   I can't even tell you the number of people who have said "yeah, we tried to do a claim, but its was such a hassle, we just walked away."  Really?  So that is, in fact, the business plan here?  I was willing to accept the initial setback as "oh well, crap happens" and just keep the process going, but now I am pretty sure that this is a system specifically designed to screw people into just not bothering to hold the companies accountable.  I kind of feel like in light of this data it is the only conclusion I can reach. Am I taking crazy pills here?

File Under:  So Pissed I Could Scream, Asshole Avenger, Doing It For The Principle Of The Thing and Taking A Hit For Military Families Everywhere.

Serenity Now!


Heidi Maxwell said...

I just cannot believe you are still dealing with this!! I sure as heck hope they give you what you deserve to get for compensation on this stuff.

Alexis said...

@Heidi Maxwell
Honestly, I am over it from a monetary perspective. The couch will get replaced eventually and we already bought the new treadmill. Now it is kind of about the principle of the thing. It just saddens me that this company basically takes advantage of all these military families. They profit off our endless moves then drag their feet when when something goes wrong. It is just plain unethical.