30 November 2010

Stick A Fork In It, We Are Finally Done

Just heard from the Chief Operating Officer of the company handling my damages claim, and a check will be in the mail next week for the difference between the initial offer and the actual value of the proposed replacement/repairs.  While I should just be damn grateful all this is finally over, I do have a few final points to make:
  1. In a perfect example of southern hospitality, dear COO felt the need to tell me that my letter was "inflammatory" and not very "nice." (I know right?  Can you even stand it?) In the true spirit of the south I will write you the check you should have received before we tried to bone you, but first I will waste ten minutes of your life telling you what you should have said/felt/done in this situation.  I handled it well.  I did not scream "jog on fucktard*" as I felt would have been entirely appropriate at that point, but merely thanked him for his input and stated that I just wasn't quite sure what else could have been done in light of his company's behavior. I can only assume that dear COO was so touchy about my insinuation of their unethical behavior because it is probably true. I do have to give him points for trying to spin that one, he is management material for sure.
  2. The fact that he was able to remedy in a day what has taken, to date, three and a half months, to handle clearly indicates that yes, the company's agents were in fact dicking* around and not bothering to do their jobs. While I can't say for sure if it is intentional in the hope that we will go away, or merely a side-effect of how 90% of the population are total tools, I have a feeling it may be no coincidence.  (See point #1.)
  3. The good news is that heads will roll and not only are we finally getting the money owed under our insurance policy, but hopefully others won't have to deal with this now that someone has raised enough of a fuss.  (Remind me tell you about how I once bitched to TRICARE so much that my concern is now on their national survey, it is a doozy* of a tale.)
  4. Lesson learned for next time.  Before we book with personal property (in three short years, dear goddess I need a freaking Valium just thinking about it) we should probably investigate getting our own insurance policy or some kind of better carrying agents.  I would love to see USAA vs. "This Company" in a cage match.  Talk about clash of the titans.
As you can imagine the whole thing has left a really bad taste in my mouth, but now is the time for personal growth and I will have to let this go now.  Well, not now since we have not actually seen said check, but now as in "by the new year."  I have, thus far, resisted the temptation to name names and slander (or maybe libel...anyone?) the company, but I would be glad to do so if anyone is interested.  My last bit of smug PSA is that if you are military and want to know the gory details so you can avoid these guys in the future, e-mail me and we can chat.

One ulcer inducing annoyance off the list, only about 3.76 billion more to go...

*Words that spell-check feels are not real, you know it is a good post when the computer dictionary can't keep up!