08 November 2010

Suburban Ennui

Basically I have concluded that people around here need to find some fresh wank.  In no particular order here are things that the locals perceive as a really big deal:
  1. Lawn Mowing- I confess I was a mowing virgin until we moved here, but having done it, seriously people just get on it.  It is not fun, but it takes maybe an hour, only needs doing a handful of times since this area has no living grass and only 6 dry days a year.  Call it your workout and you can skip Curves for the day.
  2. Leaf Removal- Sure I cracked and bought a leaf blower, but one way or another it is not hard.  Time consuming? Yeah.  Boring?  You bet.  Hard or overwhelming?  Not so much.
  3. Snow Shoveling- Here we get maybe 2 shovel worthy storms and even then, if you don't have any where to be, you can wait for it to melt.  I will give you guys the ice.  It can be majorly cold here and the wind off the water can freeze your place solid in minutes.  However, this nothing you cant fix with a bag or rock salt and an old coffee can so lets just move on shall we?
  4. Summer Heat-  Um yeah, be pregnant in Norfolk, VA for a summer.  Just spare me.
  5. "The Commute"- So driving across a bridge in a process that takes three minutes does not qualify as a challenging commute.  I will say that driving on I-95 is taking your life in your own hands, but until you have to spend two hours driving 23 miles, you don't know the meaning of the word commute.
Despite the seemingly endless complaining (first world problems are our number one export after all) people here are great and we are loving the area.  I guess my point is "hey, we are all sitting in our expansive homes beside roaring fires enjoying the beautiful fall leaves and waterfront views."  I plan to just rake my leaves, throw down my rock salt and be darn grateful that whining about non-existent snow is my biggest concern.


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