17 November 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

It is Wonderful Wednesday thanks to Ginger at Ramble Ramble and I am pleased to have a few really great things to share.
  • Lil'Bitz has learned to safely go down the stairs.  Up was easy, down was technically "easy" since gravity (that bitch) tends to help a lot, but now she can go down in a controlled manner with little risk to life or limb.  
  • Bitz is also picking up life skills left and right.  She can now use a spoon/fork (not with much success, but she gets the idea), drink from a cup, brush her hair and teeth, put on lotion, try to do socks and shoes...you get the idea.  It is as if a light bulb went off and she is an actual person.
  • The house is getting under control.  Upon arrival home from the birthday weekend in NY I packed up two boxes of toys and sent them to the basement.  If they are missed we can cycle them in, if they are still there in the spring, Freecycle/Garage Sale/Consignment; here we come. Also just redid the girls rooms and clothes.  Purging the ones that need new homes is next on the list.
  • I have all new panties.  I realized that all my knickers I still thought of as new were a year old and therefore it should come as no surprise that half of them have elastic that is shot.  Went out last night, alone and picked out ten new pairs.  Sure they are just from Target and I had no luck finding bras, but I am wearing adorable undies so it is all good.

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Ginger said...

That down thing is killer. Jackson's had the hang of going up the stairs for a while, but only recently *sorta* figured out a way to go down. He's still not good enough to be trusted on his own though.