24 November 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

  • It's Thanksgiving tomorrow.  We are not doing anything too big, but we may have a displaced Navy friend or two over and I will cook something.  It will be fun.
  • Christmas is coming then.  I do love Yule, but I will not put stuff up/out for it before T-Day.  However, you can bet your ass that T-day evening is spent putting up the Christmas tree, drinking eggnog and listening to the "all x-mas all the time" channel on the radio.  I have also made some progress on gift buying, so all hope is not lost.
  • I took a major proactive step to resolve the moving drama by writing directly to the acting directors of both the moving company and the contracted claim settlement firm.  I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Chris will soon be filling in a lengthy complaint form with Navy Personal Property. While it is far from over, I feel confident I can mitigate the chances of this happening to too many other people.  
Things are pretty wonderful around here!

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