29 November 2010

You Need This!

LED lights for the holiday season.  We finally caved and chucked all the partially operational lights and spent the cash on new good ones.  I confess they are pricier than the usual lights (by quite a bit), but Chris claimed they were just the nuts and that we would probably never have to buy new ones ever again.  He is a pretty smart dude so I went along with it.  OMG I love them!   Love, love, love, love them!  We got the slightly faceted round/globe ones and they are adorable.  If you need new ones I really recommend these. Another great fact about these lights: when you go to, of course, Target to buy them, there is a little display so you can actually see what the different shapes, sizes and colors look like lit up.  Go check them out.

This last shot is my "Holiday Safety PSA."    Light socket safety: we do not understand it! The father in "A Christmas Story" would be proud...


Sarah said...

We switched over to the LED lights a year or two ago and LOVE them. We even do the outside lights in them. We purchased them at Target, of course. I must also say you gave me a chuckle on your Christmas Story comment. That is by far my favorite Christmas movie of all time.