14 December 2010

Domestic Diva

So I found this and I am inappropriately excited about it!

Long story short you can now refill those wildly over priced Swiffer WetJet cleaner bottles. This is a game changer for me because I love my WetJet, and find the pads to be pretty economical all things considered, but I really think that the liquid part is pricey for what it is. Add in the fact that it takes an entire bottle to do my whole house and yeah, this is great. I had been using my WetJet only for spot cleaning and then doing the whole mop and bucket routine every couple of weeks for a whole house clean, but now I can do it all the easy way. As an added bonus if you are the type to worry about the bad chemicals in cleaners (vs "chemicals" as a whole because there is a difference) then this is great because you can fill up the bottles with whatever you like. You can even take it another step by making your own pads for it by sewing, knitting or crocheting them and now you can pretty much run the thing for "free."

It is a sick sad thing that I was so excited by this I had to blog about it, but they you go. I am sure it is just this kind of dedication to random PSAs that keeps you coming back. You are welcome.


Alicen said...

THIS. IS. AWESOME!! I would be that excited about it too! As a matter of fact I was going to buy the Freedom (Libman I think) one because I got tired of buying cleaner and pads, the freedom you fill it and the pads are washable. This means I don't have to go buy a different unit, hooray!!

Oh and THANKS!!

Alexis said...


Plus, you know that you can sew up a few pads lickety split. I am thinking old dishtowels, or those cheap packs of washcloths and some elastic....waaahhhhlaaaa, swiffer pads!

Alicen said...


Yes I have actually seen little tutorials on how to make your own pads so that wasn't the issue as much. The liquid is what the real kicker was and the real reason I was highly considering the other unit (but waiting for crazy sale first!). You've solved that problem and who would have ever thought it was as easy as boiling water!