03 December 2010

Free Your Mind Friday

  • Merry Freaking Christmas.  The tree is now naked from the waist down since I have already lost interest in chasing shatter proof ornaments.   Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.  On the note of holiday decorating,  I have decided to pass on actual decor for the house and now I am just planning on making holiday/seasonal valances and pillow shams.  The house in done entirely in post-modern-plastic-toy so really, why fight it?
  • We got a cord of wood delivered and I have been sewing up a storm.  Needless to say it is like Little House on the Prairie around here.  Pa with his wood chopping back ache and me with my seamstress hump.
  • So read this article: McCain: 'Don't Ask' Repeal May Cause Troop Exodus.  My thoughts are along the line of  So What?  Maybe we don't want the kind of people who would be offended by such things policing the world.  The comments are classics.  Come on now, who are you to assume you are attractive enough to warrant a second glance from anyone anyway?
  • Did anyone else see the GM commercial during the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Truly epic.  So I guess that is how we are going to play that one....I can't find it anywhere to link here, but it was so odd.  I will keep looking.
  • So, did you know that HenryVIII and Catherine of Aragon were married for 24 years.  In ye olde years that means he was 213 when he married Anne Boleyn and well, you can do the math on the rest.  see, everything I know I learned from TV.  Thanks Tudors!
  • I always used to think that people who had to have super duper phones were kind of lame.  I mean really now, does it need to do more than dial in, dial out and maybe text.  Well, I am now one of those twits because my phone was inches from death and when confronted with all the choices I was sucked in and now I have a phone from which I can blog.  Good goddess I am soooooooo annoying it pains even me.  This seems to be a pattern with me.  The Britax carseats, the mini-SUV, the phone....what is next?  Just call me Ugly American TYVM.
Tomorrow is LEGO KidsFest then my folks are in town for a bit.  I can already see this becoming another week where I do not blog too much...oh well...

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Ginger said...

Yeah, I think we're going to have to severely limit out decorating this year. The kid just is a whirling dervish of destruction...

Maybe next year...