08 December 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Today's wonderful is that last night, with the mere click of my finger on my shiny new phone, I finished my holiday shopping. I will be doing a few incidentals over the next week or so (stocking fodder and what have you), but the point is that if Yule comes tomorrow, I am sooooo ready!

This is also wonderful because I am really pleased with my gifts this year. They are not necessarily fancy or pricey, but I feel they are just perfect for each recipient. I came to this conclusion after reading an article in Harper's Bazaar about gift giving and how thoughtful, personalized, gifts are the best regardless of price. (Granted HB chatted about tough economic times while recommending $250 necklaces and dessert plates at $24 a piece, but we don't really need to go there do we?) The point still stands that, in my opinion, a gift that says "I know you, and what you like" is the best kind of gift. I certainly could spend more, if price point were the sole objective, but I feel that gifts purchased just because they are perfect for the intended "giftee" are the most priceless ones of all. I think I did a pretty good job this year.

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Ginger said...

Oh, I am so jealous of you. I haven't even started! That WOULD be wonderful!