13 January 2011

Dose O'Random

Doing some traveling so here are some random tidbits I want to get on "paper" somewhere:
  • One of the best parts about the Weight Watchers Online thing is the "blogs" you can run on the site. The things that people there think might be offensive are just adorable. While seeing all the journals is nice, and a good resource, wow, a day in the world of mommyblogging would blow their fricking socks off when it comes to "possibly offensive." (Granted the community guidelines are pretty strict, but none the less.)
  • Speaking of offensive, can we all be over the whole "Chinese Mother" thing already. It is a parenting book, it needs to be "radical" and I think she is really just going to town for the sake of sales. Kudos for getting a direct line to huge sales and free publicity as all of us AP(ish) whiners get going, but enough already.
  • Can we also be over anything described as "radical" Side note: have you ever notice how the more "radical" someone is trying to be, the more likely that one of their arguments for the philosophy is that "everyone in ____ does it this way." So which is it then? Are you doing something new, or just doing the same old stuff and begging everyone to look at you?
  • I think I may have stopped shaving my legs. Not as any political statement or anything (mostly because I think that there is no real political statement left to be made by shaving, or not, again with the not radical at all), but because I have not done so since Christmas and it just plain doesn't seem to bother me. (Or anyone else FWIW.)
  • I have mentioned before how much I love my car, but when it backed out of my garage and up the hill (more like black diamond ski slope) that is our driveway in 18-20 inches of snow, I knew it was worth every penny, Knowing I can do that has pretty much revolutionized how I will survive the next three winters as a single parent. What shoveling I ask? We don't need no stinking shoveling.
Okay, all that is off my mind and I can go about my weekend of traveling at peace. See you all next week.


Anonymous said...

The Weight Watchers blogs! *squee!* I wanted to talk about them but I don't know anyone who would even understand what I'm talking about. So...I want to leave comments and tell them that there's this new place called BLOGGER (or wordpress, typepad, pick one) where you can write the same exact stuff on your own steam. There's one girl who lost 118 pounds and really wants to tell her story, and she saw an ad for (get this) BUYING A CLASS on how to be a food blogger. And she was thinking about doing it. And I wanted to scream, "Just get a blogger account! It's FREE! Write your normal crap THERE. Voila! YOU'RE A FOOD BLOGGER." But I'd probably get kicked off WW online and that would suck.

The Tiger Mom is back peddling. She says it's a memoir (not a parenting book) of how she WAS too strict and how her youngest daughter stood up to her and taught her a Life Lesson. Either way, she's going to sell a zillion copies to suburban moms who will read it, trash it, and pat themselves on the back for their Excellent Parenting.

Alexis said...

Yes to all of that. I do wonder if any of those WW people blog in other places. Some people have done really amazing things with the program and I would read that for sure. Then again, maybe a better idea would be to get those people blogging for WW. I mean, its not like the company cant afford to run a few linked blogs. It would pay for itself in publicity...

As for Chinese Mom, yeah. I think she is enjoying the one truth of all parenting: you put yourself out there and everyone jumps all over you because the mere thought that you might have considered a different method from their own is offensive and BAM! you have to recant it all to save face. Ironically, she has now become the perfect personification of what it is truly like to be a touchy-feely American mom. How do you like them apples?