01 January 2011

Goals for 2011

Given the success rate of last year, I am going to make my goals for this year a bit looser. I found that having them out there did keep the things I wanted to accomplish in my mind, and therefore in progress, but I do need to be realistic.

For me:

  • Get fitter and lose some weight. - I joined Weight Watchers online, I really like the new program but more on that later, and since I have paid for three months I will keep with it for at least that long. A short-term goal that will hopefully turn into a long term change. This ties into my goal of keeping up with the working out since working out earns you more points…for a slice of cheesecake, I can get my fat ass on that tread mill. Yes I can. I have a military ball I would like to attend in April and my SIL's wedding in September, I want to look smoking.
  • Do the 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge- I just like this one and while I don't "force" it, the idea of completing the challenege does keep me going to the library and reading when I can. Any brain exercise is good brain exercise.
  • Develop the blog- I am looking into choices for moving to a ".com" and I am going to at least research what I would need to do to make this more than a hobby.
  • Keep crafting- Along with blogging this is a major outlet for me and I am looking forward to tackling some new projects. I have many new techniques and projects I want to try so it should be a fun year.
  • Revamp my wardrobe- I have been collecting some clothes that I really like and I promise to get off my butt and actually wear them. I can probably reduce my time in yoga pants by say 25% as a reasonable starting point. It is time to start looking like a person who is a mom instead of just a SAHM cliche.

For my Family:

  • Make better food choices- The plan here is to just keep hammering away at eating new and healthier things while cutting down on the processed stuff. I am hoping this will also get all of us trying some new things.
  • Do some light home schooling- Cha Cha is showing a real interest in "school stuff" and I am going to try and use that interest to gently move her towards say writing her letters and tying her shoes. Nothing major, but both of them are old enough now that getting some more structured activities in our days would be a good thing.
  • Clean less, play more- Seems like the opposite of what most people resolve, but I need to let it go about the house. I am not the kind of person who can be present for her kids, get meals cooked, squeeze in a workout and keep a perfect home. Basic standards will be met, but I plan to clean smarter not clean more and maybe just let go of my idea that it all has to be 100% all the time.
  • Set some serious savings goals- Long story short Chris gets a spot promotion when he heads to the boat and other little add ons will trickle in due to the sea-going lifestyle. With the retirement/college investments pretty much as under control as they are ever going to get, I want to start a "savings snowball" and see just how far I can get. I have a number in mind and I am hoping to meet it by the end of 2011.

I think these are pretty reasonable and a bit more flexible than last year. I have a million individual, little things I want to do, but I will just keep a running list and see where those plans take me.

Happy New Year everyone, best wishes for good health, wealth and happiness in 2011.


Ginger said...

Looks like a good list to me!

Anonymous said...

Look like a woman instead of a SHAM cliche? How dare you. :)

The dot com thing--it's $10 a year and easy to do through Blogger. I went through GoDaddy and f'ed up my site for a day and had to have a computer programmer friend come over and save me. I complicated something that should have been super simple.

I don't know how crafty you are with a sewing machine, but you could hit three of your goals with upcycling tutorials. I made new things out of old sweaters from my Goodwill pile as Christmas gifts, and as soon as I fix my sewing machine I'm making adorable shrugs from my ratty T-shirts to wear over my strappy tank tops and NOT show the entire world my jiggly chicken arms this summer.

Why am I ridiculously excited to make a SHRUG? I would say that I need a life, but that goes against my treat myself kindly resolution.

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