31 January 2011

OCM Update

I have been doing the whole OCM thing with my face for a week now and….the verdict is still out. I had a few people interested in knowing how it went so here is a quick update:

The Good news:

  • No new break-outs. All the ones festering just below the surface came out, but nothing fresh has developed.
  • It is quick. It seems like a process, but really it is fast. I rub the oil in then let it sit while the shower warms up/ I brush my teeth. I let it all steam while I wash my hair then clear it all away with a washcloth. Easy-peasy.
  • It is cheaper. Doing this for a year will cost way less than all the other face stuff I was buying. I was using only generics/ free samples so I can see how the saving adds up if you are using the "good" stuff.
  • It removes make-up better than anything I have ever used.
  • My face, as a whole looks better. A bit less blotchy and red plus it seems to be weathering the cold a bit better than normal.
The bad news:

  • It is not as revolutionary as advertised.
  • I can be a bit drying. It is becoming less and less of a problem as time passes, but it did leave me with some flaky patches. I fixed it by using my oil-free moisturizer with sunscreen since I may not be giving up the SPF anyway.
All in all it has been good, but I am not sure I am totally sold. I will keep it up until I run out of the bottle I made figuring that then I can say I gave it a fair shot. I can see doing it long terms since the "goods" do outweigh the "bads," but unless it prevents the next monthly outbreak of facial hideousness, then we are no farther ahead. I would say try it because it seems to do no harm, but be warned that it may not be the miracle cure.