10 January 2011

Open Letter To My WiiFit

Dearest Darling,

I love you very much, you give me a workout that doesn't feel like work.  I "play" and relax while the kids sleep and my arm jiggle magically decreases.  With all that said, lately you have been a bit, shall we say "difficult" to please.

You routinely remind me that I am morbidly obese, and boy do I thank you for that little pep talk every time we meet.  Truly, it means the world to me.  However, it seems a bit unfair given the seemingly crazy method by which you determine my weight.  Seeing how much I seem to fluctuate in as little as 12 hours, I can only assume your measurements are conducted with number line and some darts.  Add in that when you do register my weight loss, you then question if I am losing at a healthy rate and chastise my efforts.  Really?  What do you want from me tiny little electronic box...what do you want?!?!

Hopefully we can work through this, our relationship means a lot to me and I would hate to see it end over something as petty as you routinely calling me fat. (Or me throwing you at the TV because really, why would you do that to a woman?  Why?)

Much love,
Lexi the Round Little Mii


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I HATE it when my wii says that. Totally demoralizing. I'd respond much better to, "Well, you are a bit chubbier than you should be. Let's get moving!" or something cute like that.

Alexis said...

@mmeperpetua For me it its the fact that I have never reached a goal. When I was prego I aimed to stay at the same weight, and I did, and the Wii was pissed. I aimed to lose this week, and I did, and the Wii was pissed. Is this what it is like having a personal trainer? Note to self: Wii provides daily dose of harsh for far less than gym membership and hours with trainer.

Ginger said...

Oh I HATE that freaking thing. It's just never satisfied. Jerk-face.