27 January 2011

This Is My Everest

This is the most snow the areas has seen in over 100 years.  You just about get one load cleared and the next rolls in.  I am no stranger to snow, and kind of don't mind, but the fact that shoveling has provided an hour of aerobic activity for me almost every day this week is getting kind of old.  The area in in full panic mode because snow usually doesn't stick around so now everyone is puzzling as to where one puts a metric fuck-ton of snow for storage until April. 

This is my 200 foot long driveway that I routinely shovel all by myself with only the kids to "help."  Chris also likes to shovel, but he is working 12-14 hour days now, so in reality he can't help much.  The first shot is the bit that is done so far today.  The second is the remaining bits that we will get to "later."  The rest are just because it is kind of pretty.

My house is waterfront once the trees drop their leaves!


Alicen said...

That is right where we were last year! We got more snow last year than ANY other year...ever! They were actually using a backhoe to put it in dump trucks and then were dumping it into whatever water they could find, there was just no where for it.

I was telling Brian that I'm glad we're missing this winter, hopefully next winter will be back to normal because shoveling does get a bit old! The snow ends up getting so deep that the kids don't even want to play in it because they can't walk. At this rate you are going to have some biceps come the spring!