07 February 2011

Back to Blogging With Some Random

I have not been blogging much. This mostly because I have been sick, but also because sometimes the urge to blog just isn't there. I am starting to feel the itch again, so I figured I would do a classic Well-Read Random Bullets post and start fresh.

In no particular order here is what is swilling around in my head:

  • I had the flu, now the girls seem to be getting it. We had our flu shots and were supposedly vaccinated against the strain that is circulating in the area. The next person who says "imagine how sick you would be if you had not been vaccinated" will get junk-punched because the magnitude of the illness doesn't really matter. Running a dangerously high fever, being achy, snotty and phlegmy while taking care of kids is a major no-go, even if you are "less sick" than is humanly possible. Dealing with two sick kids is no easier just because "it is not as bad." So far the house record is The Flu: 2, The Flu Vaccine: 0.
  • The winter needs to end since service providers in this state seem to think they can just quit working if there is a single snowflake on the ground. The mailman keeps leaving snotty notes about digging out our mailbox (not going to happen thanks to the super shitty job the DoT did with plowing and I reckon if you can get the note in there you can get the mail in there), our oil guy won't deliver unless the entire driveway is completely clear even though he only needs to use 2/3 of it (the same 2/3 I use to get the Subaru in and out so I know it is perfectly clear), the FedEx guys just don't bother and the garbage men have only showed up 50% of the time since the new year. While I think Adam Corolla is kind of an elitist jerk, he makes a lot of good points about how all our lives are being dominated by "$8 an hour assholes" who think the fate of the universe rests on their shoulders yet, they never seem to do the job. Believe me I get that it is sucky to have to schlep out and do your job when everyone else is getting a snow day (see above about having the flu while still caring for two little kids), but that is why it is called "work" and not "play."
  • Cha Cha has taken to wearing her cat costume, ears and a tail, everywhere, all the time, even to bed. I don't really care, but I am pleasantly surprised by the reactions we get when we are out and about. No one misses a beat. They just say "Hi kitty cat" and move on. Goddess knows if we had been doing this in VA everyone would have had to tell me all about it and what I was doing wrong with my kids, but here, eh, kids are kids, whatever.
  • Bitz has raised the art of having Compulsive Annoying Behavior Syndrome (CABS) to a whole new level. It has gotten to the point where I feel like a crazy person sneaking around my own house just because I don't want to deal with her insanity. I just want to open the dryer without her immediately slamming my hand in it, or do the dishwasher without her freaking out and ripping the top drawer off the hinges. Run the water in the sink? I think not, then you have to deal with a tantrum because she wants to wash her hands for three straight hours. Go to the bathroom? Not unless you want to deal with her crashing in and unrolling all the toilet paper in a flash. Like I don't have enough on my plate with Cha Cha the "bossy boiler" minding everyone's business, now I have a 30 pound ball of fury to work around. Now I remember why toddlerhood kind of sucks.
  • Got my taxes done. We got kind of screwed thanks to how the NAVY handles pay adjustments and bonuses, but no worries. The return will still pre-pay all our oil for next year and allow a few indulgences.
  • My indulgence will probably be an e-reader of some nature. I like Chris' Kindle, but I am not a book buyer by nature so I am thinking of doing the Nook since our local library system supports e-loans of texts. I am open to any and all input on that front. What do you guys have or want?
  • In big political news, VA and many other states have ruled that the Individual Mandate of the Health Care Reform Package is unconstitutional. This is being presented as a republican initiative; though I am not sure it is anything more than states jumping on board the court train in the desperate hopes that they won't have to pay for insuring people. Either way I kind of agree with the ruling. While I am not thrilled with supporting anything marketed as right-wing, forcing people to buy insurance is not the answer. The theory that it would "force" people onto state/federal insurance plans was good, but you kind of can't make people pay for stuff they don't want. You can require that everyone be insured, but only if you offer a national health plan that everyone can afford. Since we failed to provide such an insurance plan, we can't make people buy stuff they can't afford, don't think they want, or think they don't need. We need a national health-care system, we need a lot more health-care reform but, this may not be the way to do it. Sadly we the country will not be able to make any more changes because the "ruling class" is now staunch supporters of the theory that "if you don't have health care I guess you don't deserve it."
That is more than enough for one day. Hopefully I will be back into posting this week. Happy blogging y'all!


Alicen said...

Based on my recent experience I think the flu is just a game of Russian roulette. I am not convinced the flu shot does any good since Influenza B is included in this vaccine and it is the strain that Emma, my Mom and I all had. Now interestingly enough it seemed to work in the boys since Brian never got sick and Nathan had more cold symptoms than flu, though maybe it was the flu after all.

Our trash around here is the same way and it drives me crazy! Also hate having a Monday trash day because many holidays are on a Monday and you know what that means. I will say, however, that our mailman is awesome!

The boy routinely dresses up as well, I guess it's the age. It happens so often that when we go in a store and everyone is laughing it's takes me forever to realize that it's because he's Spiderman, Bumblebee or whatever. They seem to not miss a beat here either or they will say something like "That's a cool outfit". It is not worth our energy to worry about it!

As for Bitz I totally laughed out load because it's so true here too! Thanks for the laugh this morning.

And lastly (really didn't mean to comment on every. single. point. but hey) I ended up going with the Nook for Brian because of 2 major points. A) It has a battery door so that you don't have to ship it off when it comes time to replace the battery and B) it has an expandable memory slot (SD card) so you can easily organize books or fit more than 1500 books (or whatever the crazy limit is). The Nook has a shorter battery life than the Kindle but otherwise they are pretty even. If the library has an elending program that that is even better! I am very jealous of that fact!!

Alexis said...

Ha, the comments are always appreciated so comment away. I am leaning towards the Nook, but that information was very useful. I had not even considered the notion of changing the battery and adding storage. This is why I need my handful of readers!

As for the whole garbage thing. It is killing me. I mean how hard is it to just do your job? Not "how hard is your job?" because that is unfair, all jobs are important, but how hard is it to do the task for which you are being paid. I don't even get paid yet I manage to overcome the snow, illness etc. Oy, it needs to be spring, I am too ornery for this crap right now.

ChiGirl said...

I LOVE the CABS "diagnosis." I am definitely snatching that description.

Alicen said...


Yeah I did a fair bit of research before the purchase. Don't know why I agonized over it so much, like I'd make the wrong choice! It's not life or death really and besides there will be a better/newer model out in the near future anyhow so it's not like it mattered that much but I guess it did to me! Anyway those were the 2 points that sealed the fate of my decision, the thought of having to mail the thing in for something as stupid as a battery seemed ridiculous.

And the job thing, you chose this position so just do it already!