14 February 2011

Pin in the Balloon of Life

Since we generally cancel Valentine's Day, instead of writing anything relevant to said holiday I will publish a quick product PSA.

Let me start by saying that I love LUSH products and have had nothing but positive experiences in the past. It has come to my attention via some internet rubber-necking that people take LUSH very seriously, so let me cover my butt here and say that LUSH stuff is great and I will continue to shop there.

So where is the issue?

I bought the Stepping Stone Foot Scrubber in the hopes of saving my feet from their current horrendous state. I followed the directions as dictated by the extremely perky sales clerk (I am starting to think the body powders they sell are something else given how chipper and touchy this particular crew was) and well…the results were not so great. It didn't so much "smooth" my feet as it kind of grated up the top layer of the gross bits. This would be no harm done except that said roughness then made all that icky skin a perfect repository for the green dye used in the scrubber.

Yup, my feet still feel like alligator skin and now, they kind of look the part too. I should have snapped a photo…

No real harm done, it will fade. Using the product was still nice, it felt, and smelled, very good while in use and I will finish off the bar even if only to enjoy those positive things. Just beware; you may be green tinged feet as a free bonus with your home pedicure.