18 February 2011

Return to "Normal"

We are finally coming out of 10 days to maybe two weeks of what I can only describe as unmitigated hell.   To sum it all up, I was sick, then the kids were sick, Chris was sick on and off in the middle of it all and the whole situation was not treating us well.   For what feels like forever we have all been tired, achy, feverish, snotty and, above all else, exhausted.  After all, no better way to get over a cold than to never ever sleep for more than 30 minutes at a clip.  Do you know what happens when two kids only sleep for 30 minutes at a time on a staggered schedule?  Well I sure do.  As the whole drama progressed I was soon at the point where one of them was in the bed with us on any given night.  The icing on the cake was Tuesday when after a full 72 hours of never not having a child with me (let that sink in...never, ever alone for 72 hours) Cha Cha destroyed my current piece of knitting.  Tied the circular needles in a knot, drooped a ton of stitches and shredded the ball of yarn.  Why?  Because she is a total asshole sometimes, that's why.  We are all lucky we made it out alive. 

After the usual jumping through hoops that is getting health care in the MHS (I have been meaning to write about that for a while, hmmm....) both the girls are on antibiotics, back to sleeping and back to normal.  Yesterday it was 50F outside, we ran errands, ate lunch out and had a grand time.  Why? Because my kids are amazing and wonderful people most of the time, that's why.

So yeah, I have not been blogging as much as I would have liked, I have not finished my craft projects and I have not really even had a chance to enjoy my new NOOK.  We are off to NY to see the ILs for Chris' birthday (and my SIL's too, they are twins, she is one of my best friends, it is odd, yes it is) so it will be more radio silence around here until next week.  The really good news, for me anyway, is that Sunday will be "Spa Day" and I may be back to mostly human form, as opposed to "troll mommy" like I am now and life will be grand.

Have a great weekend everyone and I will get blogging next week.


Ginger said...

oh man, we had some of that. It's killer. Here's hoping you guys all come out of it soon!