22 February 2011

Sucess! etc.

After doing the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) for about a month I am now prepared to declare it a success!   You were all treated to seeing my "before" shots and here is an "after" shot:

See!  Those are scars, and leftover redness from my last big break-out.  There is also dryness from winter, sun damage and assorted freckles/birthmarks.  What you don't see is any new acne.  That's right, I have survived a week of PMS with NO new acne. 

All I do is rub the oil in my face, let it set a bit then steam/wipe it off with a washcloth.  I usually do this in the shower, I only wash when I would usually do so (shower, to remove make-up etc) so it has not added any significant time to my routine.  I do occasionally put on some Cetaphil Oil-Free Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 (for going out in the cold) and the few tiny blemished that have cropped up have been eliminated (pretty much overnight) with Burt's Bees Blemish Treatment.  Easy as pie! 

My face is far from perfect, but  it is a major improvement.  I would definitely recommend trying the method.


Ginger said...

I'm super impressed. I really may have to give this a shot...

Alexis said...

@Ginger Seriously, I had nothing to lose at that point. I am not sure anything will ever truly eliminate the acne, or fix the scars without serious medical intervention, but yeah, it has been a game changer. The difference between fighting it every day and knowing that I am 12 hours and a swipe of a little wand away from clear skin is amazing.