06 March 2011


I was really planning on blogging this week.  I was going to be writing about real stuff, new issues, some political stuff, some parenting stuff, I was so ready to get back into it.  However, the only thing I can seem to excessively focus on these days is Georgia State Representative Bobby Franklin and the fact that we are apparently living in some kind of time-warp where his type of idiocy is tolerated.

I won't bore you with all the details, but you can read about how he wants to make miscarriage a felony and how he wants to effectively remove the rights of sexual assault victims and then you can get as pissed off as I am about it.  (At least I hope you will...) 

I sometimes feel like I don't even have words to adequately explain how wrong this is. 

Do we really have people in this country who feel this is okay? 

Is is really possible for religious fundamentalism and this kind of archaic sexism to be persisting at this level? 

What about the technical details... where does this leave women with fertility issues?  Are you a felon if you can't sustain a pregnancy?  Are fertility treatments now felonies too since often we are trying to impregnate women despite "our" knowledge of the low chance of success?  

If men were the majority of rape victims would this even be an issue? 

How do I explain to our detailer that we will leave the Navy before we live in GA because we are not willing to participate in this kind of anti-feminist, religiously driven bullshit? 

How do I explain to my girls, my beautiful babies who will grow into beautiful women with the world at their disposal, that in this country it is still apparently okay to degrade women, deny their rights and treat them as if they were part of the Salem Witch Trials?  How do I do that?

Clearly I am not in an acceptable state of mind to write about anything so next week will be just photos.  My goal is seven days of photos in the hopes that I can find some perspective.  Then again, I am not sure that I am the one who needs a dose of perspective here...


Ginger said...

This makes me so angry. So so so angry.

And not that you need anything else to be disgusted by, but have you seen this? http://pol.moveon.org/waronwomen/

Alexis said...


I can't even take it. Stuff like this really makes me realize how much rampant misogyny, elitism and general bullshit goes down within out borders every day. The real kick in the ass is that if this were happening in a foreign country, we would be ALL over it. There would be FB campaigns, celebrities leading benefits, the whole nine yards. Yet somehow when it is all right here...eh, no one cares. Infuriating.