04 March 2011


I have been trying very hard to get back into my former news addiction.  I find that an awareness of current events pulls me out of my "mommy-slump" and makes it easier to function like a normal adult instead of an adult covered in boogers who can only seem to talk about pre-school and preferred sippy cup brand.  Of course, this awareness also never fails to make me feel like the general populous, as a group, are a bunch of total idiots so, lets take a quick look at some notable current events that just beg for attention. 
  • Protesters at military funerals- Arizona tried to outlaw this after the recent shooting, but the Supreme Court said "nope, sorry, the 1st Amendment applies to all, even disrespectful jerks."  That is a tough call, while anyone who protests at a funeral in this manner needs to take a long hard look at their personal convictions (and by that I mean "are a total F-wit"), this country is founded on the idea that you can speak your mind and practice your personal beliefs without unreasonable restriction.  The same rights that make us capable of positive change because dissenting/radical ideas can be heard also also allow our country to be a bastion of conservative, discriminatory and puritanical ideas.  It is a double edged sword for sure.
  • The Wiki-Leaks Drama- The guy is busy making a plea that he is being persecuted for using his rights of free speech.  No, he is being persecuted for sexual assault.  That is generally not a "right" in the countries in question.  I am not surprised he is trying to spin it this way, he is a total lunatic, but I am so disappointed that people are buying it.  I agree that what he did with Wiki-Leaks was probably fine by the letter of the law (though of questionable person ethics/morality), but that is not the issue in question.  I can't believe that people are so stupid as to get so caught up in the "1st Amendment fervor" that the concept of sexually assaulting a person is just slipping under the radar.  That man is evil genius, that much is for sure.
  • College Football Criminals Players- SI is releasing an expose showing that 7% of the players in the nation's top 25 college football teams have criminal records.  I find this very interesting.  While it is unfair to broadly label all athletes as "jock thugs" I think the whole American fixation with athletic prowess above all else is problematic.  When the rate of criminal activity in the college football population is more than twice as high as the rate in the general college population, we need to take a long hard look at what kind of sports culture we are creating.  There is a lot more to this since the whole thing is heavily tied up with money, fame and the "boys will be boys" attitude that is still far too pervasive in this country.  I am curious to read the article and also curious if this holds true across all college athletic populations and/or if there is a gender discrepancy.
  • Planned Parenthood-  Under the guise of stopping federal funding for abortion (though it is far more complex than that, but I won't bore you) Planned Parenthood is losing its federal funding.  There has been a media circus made of how PP "forces women to have abortions" and how the organization is nothing more than an "abortion farm."  That is a service they offer if you are in need of such care, there is no denying that.  I am sure they provide a disproportionate amount of pregnancy termination services because they serve the populations that most often have nowhere else to go for that kind of help.  However, this does not mean that their only agenda is to make everyone get abortions against their will.   The real issue here is that they offer contraception, pregnancy termination and woman's health care to women who are un/under insured and these are services that the current conservative ruling class feels are wrong and, perhaps more importantly, this is a population that the ruling class feels are not deserving.  The abortion issue is just a convenient excuse to deny rights to economically disadvantaged women.  Clearly there is a lot more at play here.
So there you have it.  A nice round-up of the lunacy that is living in America these days.  I think I am starting to see why I quit being aware of current events.  My psyche just can't take too much of this...


Alicen said...

I tend to cycle in/out of the news because of all this! But I do find I generally like to know whats going on.

I would venture to say that most of the major "male" sporting groups (basketball, baseball, etc) have similar rates of crime. What I would be really interested to see is the rates in the female populous. I enjoy some sports but I do agree that they can get away with WAY too much sometimes. I never understood why they don't have to deal with the same consequences as the general public. Though this is true with many groups dealing with fame or money, look at celebrities for that matter.

As for the PP fiasco. They are just doing their job and while you may not agree with it it is a right women have. I believe the rates are so high because most women know that's a place they can go to terminate a pregnancy and I would say the vast number of women who end up terminating make the decision before they even get there. Yes there are other options but if you have made up your mind before you walked through that door chances are your most likely not going to change it. The demographics of the majority of the people utilizing their services is obviously going to have an overall effect too. Many time I can't stand how everything gets turned into a political agenda, there are some things that go beyond politics!