14 March 2011

Healthy Living Means More Shopping

As we all plow through month three of our plans to get fit and fabulous, here are the things that I found really helped to keep me motivated with the working out.  When all else fails a little retail therapy can put you back on track.  

Honestly, to get started working out you don't need much, but some things do make it much easier and more pleasant.  They key here is to be properly prepared so it doesn't suck, not to spend a billion dollars, or better yet, use the perceived need for expensive gear to be what stops you from getting moving.  In no particular order here is the stuff that helps me drag my buns out for some exercise:

  1. Good shoes- They need not be pricey, but they do need to be comfortable and supportive.  Granted not all exercise forms need shoes, and some do require special shoes, but for the most part a comfortable pair of relatively sturdy sneakers will get you through a large sampling of workouts.  I highly suggest finding either an outlet near you or one of those "famous brand shoes" stores at your local shopping center.  You can often get higher end athletic shoes for under $30.  
  2. Sports Bras- Ladies, lets be frank, the girls will take a beating if you don't wrap 'em up.  No matter where you fall on the boob spectrum, they need some good support.  Again, you don't have to spend a lot, but make sure you have some good full coverage, comfortably snug bras around.   I like the Hanes ones, both the Sport Cotton Pull-Overs and the ComfortFlex Bandidni.  Both retail for around $10 per two pack and I find that wearing one of each does a much better job for my Ds than the so called "full figured" models at double the price for a single bra. 
  3. Workout clothes- These can be anything you like and find comfortable for the activity at hand.  You can use whatever you have around (you will still get a workout if you run in your PJ pants), but I found that getting a few items that were for "working out only" helped me mentally prepare for the idea that I was going to really do this.  Once I have put on the outfit, I have to work-out.  Hot tip:  check your local big-box store.  I scored yoga pants/crops for $2 and running shorts for $1 on the Target sale racks.  I also like the Danskin line at Walmart (sorry, I know, I know) and with nothing over $15 you can get kitted up with some cute stuff on the cheap.  
  4. Some gear- once you do find an activity you like, do get some of the needed gear.  A yoga mat, a set of small weights, one of those resistance band things...all can be found on the cheap and will serve as a good investment for keeping up the workouts.   Gear can get pricey, but once you have an activity you like, it is worth it.  Do check out Craigslist and Freecycle since odds are that just as you are getting into a exercise plan, someone else has lost interest, or pool you resources with like-mined people and swap out stuff to keep it fresh.
Really, that is pretty much it. Granted I do have a treadmill and WiiFit, but honestly with sneakers, my five pound weights, my yoga mat, some good bras and some yoga pants (total cost under $100) I do have all I need to get in a good workout every day.  I also highly recommend Exercise TV.    I don't use the site, but have found that most cable packages that offer "OnDemand" have this on there.   I have been able to do tons of work-outs in all kinds of exercise categories for "free" given that we are paying for cable anyway. 

Hopefully this will help us all keep at it now that the novelty of all those resolutions has worn off.  Anyone else have a "must-have" for working out success?