30 March 2011

If It Were Not So Funny...

...then it would just be true.

My crazy pills are being delivered by the case these days.  I can thankfully say that nothing "bad" has happened, but man I am just exhausted by the never ending run-around that is keeping our lives going.  I am keeping a sense of humor and that is helping a lot, but I still often feel like I am the only sane person in a room full of crazies.  In no particular order here is some stuff rattling around in my head, some silly, some annoying, some serious but all laugh out loud insane.
  • Chris is convinced that we got paid at his promoted rate...we definitely did not.  I won't get into the details of how you can tell this (hint: you match the number in the bank account with the number on our official pay stub and with the published value for our rate/rank...shhhh, don't tell the secret) but yeah, really, we did not.  The amine fumes have done him in already.
  • Every month we also have this heinous discussion about when we get paid.  It is either the 15th and the 30th, or the 15th and the 1st.  I feel like every time I ask him, I get a different answer.  It doesn't really matter since it usually posts a day earlier and all is generally right with the accounts...but not yet for this cycle.  It could be that the magic eight-ball of DFAS payments has not yet produced the checks, or it could be this: DFAS Cannot Promise Pay In Government Shutdown. Awesome.
  • We had a library fine of 30 cents, the library spent 44 cents sending us a notice to that effect...really?
  • Our local parks and recreation department apparently failed second grade math because they seem to think that the value "1.06 years" means 18 months.  No, "1.5 years" is 18 months.  I am pretty sure we use a base ten system here.  I tried to explain to the gal on the phone that math doesn't work that way and that the registration system should be updated so others don't get confused.  She seemed to think I was mad about Bitz being too young.  No, I am commenting that you are clearly too stupid to function.  
  • Had a wardroom wife send out an e-mail that disclosed boat schedule information.  I am sure I don't need to explain why this is a problem.  The Family Readiness Group wanted to have a Facebook page.  Again, do I need to explain?  Of course what do I do?  I don't want to be a total rat, but I also don't want to go down in the blaze of glory....and I am officially out.
  • Cha Cha had a major big sister moment yesterday.  We were at the park with some friends from story-time and one of the "big boys" pushed Bitz.  Cha Cha quickly went in to help her up and walk away.  She tells me "Next time I will tell ---- 'no pushing please.'" Add in that they already share clothes and I think we have something we can work with here. 
That is pretty much it around here.  I feel like I should be blogging more,  but just keeping my head above water as we transition has been so time-consuming, I don't even have anything to talk about.  Hopefully we will settle in soon and I can get back to doing this better and more regularly.


Ginger said...

I think only one thing can express my sentiment about this:

Ooof. :-(

That's a lot of crazy making....