16 March 2011

Jealous Yet?

You should be...this is my new glamorous life:

I hate this shelf in the kitchen, all it does is collect crap and, in this case, lots of medicine bottles.  Oh, and the month of never getting any housework done because we are all sick is starting to show...please don't look too closely at the dust and fingerprints.
We have done the upper respiratory infection with dual antibiotics, we then did the stomach flu thing and now we are doing a round of one toddler with a raging ear infection and one preschooler with parvovirus.  The good news is that Cha Cha is now old enough to use some medications to regulate the icky symptoms better than acetaminophen and steamy showers, but that has also thrown me into a tailspin of monitoring the use of said drugs.   I am now juggling Motrin, Tylenol, Benadryl, Mucinex and Augmentin.  Did I mention that since they are only separated by 5 pounds, the dosages are very similar yet different enough for it to be a significant issue? (That is why we have like 20 Tylenol bottles. Each kid gets one labeled with their dosage each time we go to the clinic...yippee!) Yeah, my paranoid fear that someone will get a bad mix, or too much, or in the case of the antibiotics not enough medicine requires a chart.  For now I have a list, a command center and million highly calibrated syringes....I am officially a crazy person.  The real method is to just avoid using this stuff whenever possible, and that is my general philosophy, but sometimes you have to suck it up and just be glad that we live in an age where we have these tools at our disposal. 

Marking my door with a bio-hazard sign and moving on...guess this means no play date on Friday and it might behoove me to skip the baby shower this Saturday since parvovirus and pregnant ladies can be a bad mix...bleh.


Ginger said...

Yikes. That's...quite the shelf.

Alexis said...

@Ginger Seriously. People are going to think I am running a black market operation here...

Thankfully all but the Augmentin are OTC "as needed" so it is not like all the kids are having to take all the drugs all the time, but still, I am fearful that managing all these diseases and symptoms will soon leave me confused as to who gets what, when and in what dose.

Hence the crazy. So far we have only needed the Tylenol and the antibiotics but this Parvo thing promises to be a real trip.