21 March 2011

Life in Random Clips

We are finally back to being human again.  Well, the kids are.  I am still exhausted from playing Florence Nightingale  while suffering from crushing pain my hip thanks to my own infection with Fifth's Disease, but when the kids are better, life sure is easier.  I have some stuff I want to note before it all dissapears so here is a fresh round of random for you guys:
  • The day after being sick is way worse than the being sick.  When the kids are sick (and you inevitably are too) some kind of super-power overtakes you and you manage it all.  The day that everyone gets better and you look at the wreckage of your life and only then allow the sheer enormity of it all wash over you...that is the day that really kills you.  So looks like lots of house cleaning, blogging, errand running, phone call returning and e-mail catch-up for me this week.
  • Libya- I am still a bit fuzzy on all the details but the phrase "military campaign that requires no ground troops" makes me feel a little sick inside.  I guess we know what forces will be out and about full-time then....
  • Did actually get out for a run yesterday.  Did roughly three miles in super hilly/rocky terrain.  I was able to run more than I expected though it still took me about 45 minutes to do the loop.  It took Chris the same amount of time, but it is worth noting that he was pushing 100 pounds of kids and baby jogger at the time.  I am thinking we may try to make this a family date every week and I can use it as a benchmark for my fitness level.
  • After a disappointing gain of half a pound, I lost 2.6 pounds last week.  I honestly think it is a lot more like a pound a week with the data skewed by PMS, but the point is I am still trending down.  Next stop if the 20 pound mark/ 10% starting weight lost mark and I am so excited!
  • Sorted out the playroom and found another two diaper boxes of toys to be sent to new homes and one bag full of stuff that is ready for the trash.   I find the toys to be so hard because I feel that whole hoarding tendency of applying too much sentimental value to an item cropping up.  I need to take a deep breath and realize that just because it was a gift or once a favorite doesn't mean it needs to clutter up my life forever. 
  • First week of boat life was pretty awful, yet I got through it.  I feel bolstered by the idea that is pretty much as tough as it can get and I was fine.  I can do this, it is only three years and I can do this.  
Some real posts will be coming later.  Promise!


Ginger said...

I'm glad you guys seem to be on the mend. It looks like we might be facing another round (nooooooooo!)--does it ever end??

Alexis said...

@Ginger No, it doesn't ever end. Sorry!

Amanda said...

keep going weight watcher!! I'm down 35 since September and the new program is awesome!