11 March 2011


Had to report a small gain this week, though I am not surprised since I was less than stellar with my tracking, weighing and measuring.  We enjoyed having Chris home a lot this week, but that means we ate out a bit more than usual and that I was less vigilant with my points.  Oh well, it is a new week and I am now motivated to do better.

Brunch: 4 Points

In other news, Chris graduated SOAC (Submarine Officer: Advanced Course) today and we become part of a boat family on Monday.  It is going to be a time of major change for all of us so...gird your loins, away we go!


Alicen said...

Congrats to Chris and good luck to you guys on this new journey! Just be glad you don't have to move...again. My hope for you is no immediate deployment so you can "ease" back into it once again.