28 March 2011


This is it people:  welcome to boat life.  We had our "Hail and Farewell" on Friday.  It was nice to meet everyone, but it really hit home that we are on a boat now.  As they say in the films "this shit just got real."  We are already looking at some serious sea-time, lots of missed holidays and birthdays and oh so very much of me handling every, single, last detail of four people's lives all by my lonesome.  As sick as it is, I console myself with the idea that at least I am "alone" because he is off doing something important...because he has to be.  I know that some people do this all alone all the time just because they have partners who do not participate, I reckon it could be worse.

Now this is me:

When you arrive at a sea command as a spouse, you are generally given a "token of belonging" to welcome you into the fold.  Here in CT that preferred choice is a pendant from a lovely local jeweler engraved with the boat's seal.   Women collect them like rings on a tree to symbolize their time in the Navy.  I now have two.  It is official, I am a seasoned Navy spouse. 

I feel a role as "mentor" coming on a for a few younger spouses and I was already able to answer a complicated health insurance question for a friend who will soon be a Navy spouse.  I have served as Command Ombudsman, taken the COMPASS course, volunteered for the yearly SOSA tea, endured a deployment, experienced the shipyards, seen a boat christened and commissioned, had a baby on a sea tour, enjoyed cocktails with the Brazilian Navy, designed an FRG and and survived 5 moves in almost 6 years. 

I can do this. 


Ginger said...

My heart just clenched for you. Being the one at home clearly has its own struggles and stresses. I have no doubt you can do this though.