09 March 2011

The Slow Crawl to Freedom

Thanks to some cute youth chairs from IKEA, we are now a high chair free house.  While arguably the $30 space saver high chair was the greatest investment ever (even better since my ILs were so kind as to gift it to us) I am glad to see it go.  No more wresting with trays, scrubbing the fricking straps...all gone.

However, this means that table manners are next on out lengthy list of things to do.  Cha Cha is definitely old enough to learn the basics like utensil handling and napkin use while Bitz can certainly play along now that she can at least use utensils and get actual food into her actual mouth. Why my obsession with such etiquette?  I am not raising debutantes, but I feel that the general table decorum of this country is appalling and by simply teaching my girls to be relatively polite members of this otherwise jerk-filled society will surely give them some advantage.  See also: Thank-You notes.   This is not about snobbery, (well, yeah it is but anyway...) but about the idea that meal times are meant to be valued.  As a culture we have lost our reverence for food, and mealtimes and all the pleasant fanfare that can go along with food.  I think that our cultural disconnect between nourishing our bodies and nourishing our psyches may have way more to do with America's dietary issues than saturated fat or white bread.  Note to self: get some cute kids books on table manners and make place-mats as an art activity.