07 March 2011


ASICS Women's GEL-Enhance Ultra

Using my new running shoes to get over my workout slump.  All &Sundry explains so well in this post how working out can be so unrewarding at times.  I think I have finally established that I don't enjoy training.  I am not a person who enjoys the sensation of pushing myself and having to do it harder, faster and better each time.  The feeling of it never getting any easier that "real" training creates leaves me cold.  I am, however, the kind of person who now enjoys a good round of exercise, the post-workout feeling and the knowledge that I am doing something for me and by extension, for my family.  I won't be running any races, or breaking personal records, but I will be out there everyday fighting the good fight for healthy living.  That is enough, it really is.


Alicen said...

Cute shoes!!

Still trying to get over the work out slump myself! I'm having the hardest time figuring out when to do it since the boy wants my constant entertainment and the girl is always screaming from the comfort of my leg. Throw in there some illness', other medical things and a husband working on masters #2 and I've been failing to find the time. Oh and now that I actually eat dinner with my family instead of hitting the gym, I'm quite fond of it so that's out too. Why does it have to be so hard? I'm gearing up for after FL, I keep saying after we get home and have no more major traveling ahead of us I WILL figure out something. After all I would presumably like to put on a bathing suit sometime this summer...

Your efforts are paying off and it shows, you don't need any races or records to prove your doing a good job!

Alexis said...

@Alicen I definitely had to put this in perspective. I was feeling really down that the running was not getting any easier...not at all. Add in that a gal I know just finished a half-marathon in under two hours and two other gals are training with her and claiming to love it...yeah I was bummed and disappointed in myself. Then I realized that for what I am doing here, it really doesn't have to get any more challenging. If I want to chug away at a leisurely pace who cares? What matters is that I am on the treadmill chugging away. And I have bitchen new shoes and sports bras, that helps too :)

Alicen said...

I certainly know the feeling. I am super down about not getting back on the workout train yet. That is the main goal I wanted to accomplish this year was getting back on board. Unfortunately life happens and I'm trying to remind myself about that, it doesn't help at all to beat yourself up. Easier said then done that's for sure. I just hope that once I do finally start again I can stay consistent with it!

You have a big point, if your "leisurely" workouts are still helping you to lose some weight then it's obviously enough right now so why bother doing more? Think about how many people have lost 100+ pounds simply from eating better and walking, not running.