13 March 2011

Trouble With a Capital "T"

Bitz was awful at Chris' SOAC graduation.  Just horrible.  She was "that kid."  I am still burning with shame.  Granted she was not bad by 16 month old standards, but that is just it...people don't realize she is only 16 months old.   

While she and Cha Cha are separated by 2 years and 7 months (to the day, I am organized like that) Cha Cha only has 5 pounds of weight and 4 inches of height on her.  People often comment that I am brave to have them so close together.  That is because they assume they are 12-18 months apart.  Bitz is easily the size of an average 2 year old or a smaller 3-4 year old, yet behaves very much like a toddler.  So now not only is she having an award winning meltdown in the corner of the auditorium as I try to sneak her into the hallway but, people are evaluating that behavior assuming she is anywhere from 1 to 3 years older than she really is. 

I just want to scream "Don't judge me!  She is only 16 months old."  I imagine that would only add to the ruckus though...


Ginger said...

We get the same looks. J is a BIG kid, and we get looks when we carry him (he's not a great out-in-public-walker), when he melts down, when he "baby talks", when he doesn't use utensils. I just want to scream, he's not 3, he's only 18 months!

Alexis said...

It is very hard not to yell that out! Six months from now none of this will matter, but it can be hard to have a "baby" who is the size of a "kid" and all the physical, and emotional, stress that creates. I am grateful that she is so healthy and easy in so many ways, but getting through toddler hood this time around is surely more of a challenge.