04 April 2011

Cheat Sheet

In my quest to do this weight loss thing "right" I promised to avoid overly processed things as much as possible.  I was really determined not to fall into the dieting trap of only eating "synthetic food product" because it was fewer calories/PointsPlus.  I have done pretty well with this, and the new program really supports this plan, but there are a few things I just can't seem to give up.  The problem is really in avoiding the artificial sweeteners.  I always thought that people were pretty silly to be putting "fake" sugar in their food instead of moderating the amount of sugar they use...turns out I may have been right.   None the less, here are my aspartame-fueled "rule breakers:"
  1. Diet Coke- more specifically the Stop and Shop generic diet cola.  It tastes just like Coke Zero, is made of identical ingredients and is, no joke, 1/3 of the price.  I know it is basically just a glass of cancer-juice, but I love it, the caffeine makes me feel wonderful and hey, I guess there are worse vices out there.
  2. Fat Free Cool Whip- Cool whip is gross enough as it is, but the Fat Free one is zero points for a decent sized scoop.  It is ridiculous, but somehow that bit of whip makes my 100th bowl of fruit seem more like dessert and less like a consolation prize for the fat girl who can't have ice cream like everyone else.
  3. Some Light Yogurts- I generally stick to plain and vanilla yogurts so I don't have to deal with odd sweeteners, but those coffee ones are so tasty. 
  4. Starbucks "Skinny" Drinks- At a mere 3 points for a huge cup of seemingly decadent coffee, one of these as an occasional treat will just have to be in the repertoire.  I am sure they are made of something just awful, but they taste so very good.
  5. Diet Hot Cocoa-  For 1 point per packet I can make my coffee a mocha or enjoy a sweet treat in the evening.  Sometimes I need that chocolate fix, what can I say?
When I put it all out there, I guess five "bad" things is hardly a problem and most are occasional use anyway.  I have found ways around the other issues like getting an air popper so I can ditch microwave popcorn and I am working on a hot cocoa mix that doesn't require me to buy the nasty little Swiss Miss packets.   All together the quest to lose weight and get the whole house eating less processed foods is going quite well. 

Anyone else suffer from these indiscretions or have any hot tips for substitutions?


Alicen said...

I am there with you on the few things I just can't give up! You already know I do enjoy a nice can of diet Coke as much as the next guy. I would venture to say 1 a day won't kill you. I try to not drink it during the week but it doesn't always work.

Ooh the Cool Whip, it would be hard to avoid that if your avoiding most other sweets! Does make things seem like a true dessert.

I also had stopped buying light yogurts a long time ago but have sinced started buying them again for Nathan. He would easily eat yogurt for every meal so I wanted to stop giving him so much sugar. Having said that I rarely let him have 2 in a day but if he's going to pick that over goldfish or cookies I'll cave. I don't exactly like the fact of the artificial sweeteners but I've yet to find a solution. He hates plain yogurt. What I was going to try was doing the "greek" style yogurt myself like I do and adding just enough sugar to get the bitter taste away, I figure it'd be less than the package anyway. Then you can top it with some fruit or homemade granola and it may be enough to get him to like it! I just haven't had the time lately to try this theory.

Also you have to indulge yourself sometimes or else this won't stick so a Starbucks Skinny Drink is a perfect thing for that! And the hot chocolate you should try makin it with plain almond milk instead of skim milk. It only has 60 calories per serving and the Silk brand is so thick you can do half water and half almond milk saving even more calories. I then use a combo of regular cocoa powder and dark chocolate cocoa powder, a Splenda and a spoon full of sugar and it tastes absolutely delicious!! You already know about my love affair with hot chocolate so I was trying very hard to find a better way to do them since I drink one almost everyday. I'm sorry I don't have any amounts for you, I just kinda eyeball it but you can use it as a guide and figure out amounts to your liking. It's weird but I found when I only used Splenda to sweeten it it tasted funny but when I did 50/50 it lost that funny taste. Not sure why that is and you may not have a problem but it's something I found.

I really wouldn't get worked up about these 5 little things because in the scheme of things these are nothing. You have to live a little!