22 April 2011

Food Fight

The girls are now living in a police state again.  As a trio of ladies we are all learning some hard lessons about how I am not in fact a personal concierge service/maid/short-order cook etc.   While Bitz is merely being trained out of classic age-related high drama (hello time-outs), Cha Cha is creating the bulk of the drama.  Sadly, that drama surrounds food.

While it may not be about food really, her current diva status is manifesting itself through seemingly endless fights about food.  The back-story is that Cha Cha has always been a "snacker."  She never fell into any discernible pattern with her bottles and getting her to eat real meals has never not been a struggle.  Her usual MO is to request a food, eat two bites, say she is done then wander off.  Twenty minutes later we repeat the show...and again 20 minutes after that and so on.  Soon I am living in the kitchen and the fridge is overflowing with tiny Tupperware full of snacks, each missing one bite.   Between Chris being gone and a weekend of my MIL fully indulging this behavior*, we were back to food hell.  After an unfortunate dust-up over an uneaten yogurt last night I called a halt.

We are officially back to the house rules of you can eat what I make (or not) when I make it.  We have only spent maybe 75% of the morning in hysterical tears about being "so hungry" so really it has not been that bad.  It does, however, raise the almost overwhelming issue of how do you not make food an issue?

The hardest part of this whole weight-loss thing has been coming to grips with the fact that I have food issues.  Seriously fucked up food issues.  So how do I enforce an end to the food dramas without giving my kids food issues?  Also, how do I balance my current need to measure, weigh and record everything I consume with a mentality that teaches my girls to eat well and not be obsessed with weight?  I know that losing the weight and getting fit sets a good example for them, but at what point am I teaching them to be too obsessed with food?   When you are dealing with a 4 year old and a 1 year old, the fine line between "you need to eat some healthy food before we can have dessert" and the "clean plate club, now with cake and heap of guilt" becomes hard to articulate. 

Oy, I know I just need to realize that the food issues are really just control issues and that removing that factor from our lives probably won't kill anyone.  I figure by Monday we can be over the meal thing and back to the normal level of Hysterical Toilet Flushing Obsessions and the Car-Seat Buckle Freak-Outs.

My kids are not jerks on purpose, they are just crippled by their CABS.

See also:  This great post by Alicen about this very issue. 

*I don't blame my MIL for doing so,  Cha Cha is an ace manipulator and this kind of relapse is the price I pay for daring to enjoy 18 hours away from my kids.  Fair enough.


Alicen said...

Sometimes it helps to know we're not the only one giving ourselves an ulcer over this food stuff and how not to make your kids crazy about it in the process!

Seriously though, how do you play out the power struggle with the food and not make food an issue. The person that comes up with that answer will be a rich son of a gun!

Sorry about your current crazy but it's prime time for flare-ups after visits from/to grandmoms. We always have trouble getting back to reality too.

Anonymous said...

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