13 April 2011

Still Here....Kind Of...

I was so going to be blogging this week, but yeah, that is not happening as much as I would have hoped.  This was our first week with Chris being some variation of gone and it has been easy in many ways and really hard in many others.  Notably the kids are sick...again.  Ear infections all around plus a sinus infection for me.  Ironic that I did not get to do the real post I was working on about the military health system because it took me well over 6 hours to navigate said system so we could see two providers for a total of 15 minutes.  I am knackered and so disgusted with the whole mess that I can't even discuss it rationally so that post will be tabled for another day.

I do have some stuff to look forward to though, I have a few posts in the works about:
  • Weight loss success with pictures of my smoking hot dress for Sub-Ball this weekend.
  • Three great books I have been reading.
  • How Chris and I will be having a little "come to Jesus" moment about his major case of "ass-end-itus"
My ILs arrive tomorrow and Chris may be home for at least a few consecutive hours this weekend, hopefully that will translate into some time to blog.