07 April 2011

This Is Going To Be A Huge Hit

This is pretty disjointed and all over the place, but I can't even type as fast as my thoughts/questions are flowing in...

So this government shutdown thing really may be happening.  We really may not be getting paid after tomorrow.  Our next paycheck may be for half our pay and then after that...who knows.  Thankfully this is not a deal breaker for us...

Side note:  I was pretty peeved with our financial adviser last time we met.  He really seems to be genuinely uninterested in providing any actual help in our planning, a phenomenon probably not unrelated to our choice not to "buy in" to the next level of services.  Long story short we are not looking at purchasing any new stuff that will make him money, so he isn't really interested in giving a shit.  He strongly implied that the cash we had in the bank was "excessive."  He seemed to think our emergency fund could be better used, that we didn't really "need" an emergency fund given our line of work.  Well guess what asshole?  Now I am feeling pretty good about those 6 months we can survive without getting paid.  I think we can skip our meeting next year... /Side note.

...but I am absolutely fascinated as to what will happen next.  There are many people who will not be okay.  In essence the military pays as well as any other job for your given credentials however that means that some families are not getting paid as much, often not even "enough."  What will happen to them?  On a larger scale what will happen to everyone? 
  • Will the DoD selectively pay out allowances so that people still get the cash for rent and what is earmarked for groceries etc. or will they just give us all half of everything and walk away?
  • For people in housing that means that only half their rent/utilities gets paid and since the housing is privately owned and operated, there is nothing stopping the company from starting eviction processes.  How is that going to work?
  • What happens to the clinic?  They were out of tongue depressors when we were there this week and can't order more.  Today it is cotton swabs, but what will happen when Cha Cha goes in for her 4-year well child and there are no vaccines available? (OMG you have to read The Panic Virus and holy crap I will just die of stress and anxiety if Cha Cha can't get vaccinated....freaking out!)
You see how this gets very complicated very fast.  

OMG the media circus alone will be worth the price of admission.  Families of people genuinely deployed, on the ground, in war zones will be doing it all for free.  I am personally thrilled about the idea that I will get to spend my future time single parenting and dealing with Navy BS for no pay.  It will be so great!  When Headline News gets a hold of this one, it will be amazing. 

On the upside, this may be our ticket out.  I make no bones about the fact that our choice to do this over something similar in industry is based 90% on the financial benefits.  Without getting into the gory details as incentive to sign contracts and sell your life to the federal government we get a sizable bonus every spring.  We stay in because this bonus means we can save for the girls to go to school, ensure a debt-free lifestyle and and make sure we can provide for this family if a crisis *ahemlikenowahem* should occur.  We may not see that bonus this May, therefore we can walk away, no fault.  If the Navy fails to pay the nuke contract bonus, then the contract is pretty useless and we could just leave.  We won't. that 10% of doing it because Chris loves the job will always win out (even thought math doesn't work that way), but not everyone will feel that way.  Is the military prepared for the mass exodus of people when they realize they can cut and run without having to pay back in the contract bonuses? 

Have I mentioned this is going to be awesome?  It really is.

Granted, I doubt it will happen.  I am sure the government with put on the big boy underoos and get it done in some way, shape or form.  All this hemming hawing and general BS will wind down and everyone (and by that I mean everyone because this is the true meaning of bipatisanship in that every idiot out there regardless of party is being a total tool) will figure it out.  I am pretty sure the bad press of denying military families pay alone will get this job done fast.  Then we can all return to our normal lives of blaming the other party for trying to not pay soldiers and listening to people tell me how "lucky" I am to be here making so much money and enjoying all the "free" benefits.  Yup, that is us, living the dream baby, living the dream.