17 May 2011

Behind Closed Doors

Inspired by Alicen's clean pantry at The Space Between My Ears, I have given the whole house a closet overhaul.  The good news is that they are no longer death traps threatening to kill innocent bystanders by way of avalanche.  The bad news is that for a full day's work, the house looks pretty much the same.  No matter.  Stuff!  It is getting done!  And it was good!  

Linen closet.  Looks lumpy, but I do the Martha Stewart thing where all the sheets get put into one of the pillow cases so all you need do is grab a "set" and be off.  Of course, I do not have a fleet of hired help so mine look less like neatly stacked displays and more like lumps of snaggled linens...because that is pretty much exactly what they are.

Cha Cha's closet, no more quilt/afghan rain every time you open the door.

My "half" of the closet.  If diva-ship is measure in cubic yards of clothing and accessories, then Chris has me beat by a long shot.  I have this rack, the stack of hoodies, a few plastic bags and a shoe box...he has all the rest of the walk in closet.  Go figure.