02 May 2011

Not All Bad News

As part of my new plan to remain positive about this sea tour, I have come to appreciate that being on my (our) own has some perks:
  • The house stays clean- Chris and I have differing methods of getting stuff done.  I do it "now" and he plans to do it "later."  I am sure I don't need to explain how that generally works out.  At least now all the dished get in the dishwasher, all the clothes in the hamper and everything put away where it belongs.
  • Groceries are cheap- The kids happily live on Annie's Mac-n-Cheese and I am pretty content with cereal for dinner.  Even with Chris paying his own mess bill, it is a money saver. May not seem like much, but it helps to build my "underway savings" up a bit.
  • Trashy TV- The TV is mine, no limits and I can watch as many trashy B/C rated horror movies I want.  
  • Crafting- With less housework and the kids in bed by 8pm, I can knit up a storm, sew a million quilts and work on my plans for some subversive cross-stitch.  
  • Sleep- I would give anything to not do this type of separation, but there is nothing like having the whole bed to myself.  I am a diagonal stomach sleeper, all knees and elbows...I have never been so rested.
  • The kids sleep- Even Bitz, my early riser, will sleep soundly and happily until 6:30/7:00.   Amazing how pulling 4am alarms and  phones calls all night out of the equation can really earn you a decent nights sleep. 
  • Running- No late dinners to make and nowhere to be so I can pound out as many miles as I want when the sun goes down.
  • Separation pay- It is exactly what is sounds like...AKA "No Nookie Pay."  I generally consider that little bonus to be my "pay" and in long-standing Navy tradition will probably grant myself a nice "deployment present." 
Sure it is hard, but there are some often undisclosed perks to this life.    Now I must be off to stack the Netflix queue with every cheerleader massacre movie ever made. 

Enjoy more lists courtesy of Listless Mondays on abdpbt.com.